Rank your website up
through these SEO Practices


MARCH 09, 2022

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Search engine optimization is a dynamic digital marketing strategy. In one day, it will enable you to appear on top of search engines. However, someday Google might throw your website on the second or third page of search results. There are certain factors that play their role in such diverse situations. Firstly, algorithmic changes because of which new SEO strategy has to be formulated. Secondly, your competitors re-optimize their SEO strategy so that they can knock you off from the competition. Thirdly, with the passage of time, keywords become more competitive. Consequently, there is a need to utilize keywords in a more creative manner to increase the rank of your website. Lastly, content becomes stale with the passage of time irrespective of the freshness of the content.

In the given scenario, website owners are confronted with the question of how to retain their rankings while also optimizing themselves for present and future times. In this blog, we provide you with a three-point proactive SEO strategy through which your businesses can retain their rankings irrespective of evolving search landscape.

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

— Lee Odden

Quality Content

The first point for a proactive SEO strategy is to invest in high-quality content. Despite the evolution of the search landscape, Google has been at the forefront in delivering content that has three key characteristics – high quality, authoritative, and high performing. It is important to realize this fact that investment in high-quality content provides the best return on investment. This is due to the fact that every algorithmic change helps Google in better identification of quality. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality content. If you create a website with high-quality content, then you will not have to undergo a major overhaul with every algorithm update from Google.

Orderly Updates

The second point is to optimize your website on regular basis. A common mistake by website owners is that they only work on SEO optimization during the initial setup of the website or when the first blog is written on the website. However, Google requires that website owners take care of their websites on regular basis. For better optimization of your website from an SEO perspective, it is important to publish fresh blogs on regular basis. Updating your content is also important for the regular optimization of the website. Similarly, it is important to repair broken links. All these practices will help Google in identifying that your website is of high quality and worth considering for ranking in the long run.


The third and last step which you should follow is that of searching the intent of your users. In this regard, it is important to determine this because content marketing for SEO will not be of no value if you are not able to offer value addition for your users. At Inspirux, we incorporate all these practices as part of our working methodology to ensure that your website is ranked higher in Google search results. Our SEO specialists rely on white hat SEO techniques in order to ensure that your website is ranked higher as compared to your competitors.


SEO is the most important aspect of your brand growth. It is important to invest in high-quality content and keep your website updated according to the trends and search engine regularities.