How to Stand Out
Among Websites in 2022

Web Development

April 25, 2022

2 min read


According to a study, 75 per cent of people are able to judge the credibility of a business by the looks of its website designing. Therefore, our web designers at Inspirux track emerging and popular web designs so that we can help our clients stand out among their competitors. Coupled with our multiple years of experience, we have been able to decipher the exciting opportunities that the evolution of web designing has brought to the fore. In 2022, some key developments are going to influence web designing.

Heighten trends

Recently, there has been growing trends of using illustrations and doodles in websites. A number of brands have been observed to use arrows and squiggly lines. The usage of these hand-drawn illustrations provide a touch of movement and friendly feel to the end users. Apart from illustrations and doodles, big typography and contemporary serifs will be dominating the web designing this year. In this regard, big and bold typography is catching the attention of everyone. The usage of authoritative fonts help in emphasizing key messages. It also helps in setting the visual hierarchy of the webpages. The usage of fonts and serifs help in visualizing the words as more of a graphic element.

Constant changes in design style

Similar to illustrations and doodles, the vintage and retro styles are trending for quite some time. These styles have been observed in branding and websites. The usage of these styles evoke both nostalgia and positive emotions. Consequently, it helps in connecting an emotional level with the end users. With the objective of simplifying and modernizing user interfaces, many websites and applications are shifting to flat design principles. Flat design uses few colors and simple shapes to convey an image rather than complex shading.

Additionally, complex gradients are also gaining currency along with flat design. Complex gradients complement the simplicity of flat icons. In other words, they transition from one colour to another. Moreover, they also serve multiple purposes which include visual interest, add depth, and shift focus across a screen. This year, it has emerged as one of the landing page trends.

Motion design

Meanwhile, website design tip subtle motion is also gain trend for quite some time. In this design, elements appear like floating in space or bounce when hovered over or reached. Subtle motion can be applied to backgrounds, buttons, etc. so to engage website visitors. From digital marketing perspective, this year many businesses are incorporating more accessibility and inclusivity into their marketing collateral, including websites.


To conclude, there are number of elements which you can include in your website to engage visitors and build brand loyalty, Inspirux web designers can cater to your demands by building websites that are not only interactive but stand out among your competitors.